Economic Force

As a 501©3 nonprofit, Breaking Barriers Network promotes strong community involvement, family reunification and private sector support. This creates a stronger, more effective economic force to fight the devastating effects of poverty and mass incarceration of low level non-violent drug offenders.

Utilizing our economic power is the key to job creation.

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Consolidated Strength

Deeply concerned about the devastation of millions of lives that have been economically destroyed as a direct result of 40 years of the “War on Drugs”, Breaking Barriers Network believes that the power to FORCE CHANGE is, and always has been, in the hands of the people.

With so many individuals, groups and organizations on the front lines of this battle, as a consolidated group, we have the economic strength to create jobs and opportunity directly in our communities!

Strong family involvement and community participation is the fastest and most effective way to make an immediate impact!


Breaking Barriers Network has joined alliances with 3 D Economic Development Consortium and a host of private sector partners, to launch an employment based paid internship program in multiple cities across the country.

These paid positions were specifically created for individuals who have been affected by mass incarceration, recidivism, long term poverty and/ or may live in at risk communities.

3 D Economic Development Consortium

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Americans in American

Pathway Of Opportunity

These positions can and should lead to both short term and long term employment opportunities.

The combination of an effective support system plus an individuals’ commitment to make a positive change in their life, creates a pathway of opportunity to change their circumstances.

Now an individual who is ready, willing and able, can lift themselves out of their current situation on their way to a better future.

This not only benefits the individual but the community as a whole.

Community In Unity

The “War on Drugs” has created circumstances that have given birth to a multitude of barriers which have attributed to the carnage of drugs, the destruction of families and severe long term poverty, seen universally and almost exclusively in urban and rural communities nationwide.

As a Community in Unity, we have the economic power to make a change! Right Now!

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Crowdsourcing Social Entreprenuers Family & Community Paid Internships A United Front

Support Service

Breaking Barriers Network provides direct counseling services, mentors, life coaches, education, job training and other necessary support services for urban and rural employment, re-integration and a pathway out of poverty.





The”War on Drugs” has been a dismal failure for 40 years. This war continues to trap millions in a life of poverty and does almost nothing to curb drug use. We believe instead in a comprehensive plan to provide jobs and opportunity to this population as well as treatment programs for substance abuse and mental health

We believe by providing jobs, opportunity and training to this population they can thrive and provide a multitude of benefits both for themselves and the community in which they live.

We believe in Trickle Up Economics. When you build with those that have the least, stronger communities are created and local economic health improves. The strength of our philosophy is in the people. We believe in providing opportunity & jobs for this population of people for the benefit of all.


To restore socially and economically misplaced and disadvantaged men, women, children, families, communities and businesses to a higher quality of life for current and future generations.

Building PTS Development Centers in communities across the country offers a comprehensive approach to a successful reentry and a Pathway out of poverty.

Focusing on issues such as family reunification, life skills training, money and credit management and a host of additional self improvement and self sufficient education help to ensure an opportunity to break the curse of generational poverty and recidivism.

To add these basics to the very foundation of the solution and a direct response for the long term cure. To promote self sufficiency as a force multiplier of economic activity.


To impart the ability to achieve by creating an environment through tools, training, employment, education, economic development, business enterprise and resources that empower at risk men, women, children, families, communities and businesses to overcome barriers that have prohibited them from living a more successful life.

By providing Pathways of opportunity, those we serve can become self reliant as contributors to their local communities and provide those same pathways to those coming behind them.

To create new social enterprises as a means of economic development and job creation for the population we serve. To promote self reliant community action as a means of solving community problems.

To build economic activity for those not fully participating in the economic process.