What Is A Strategic Partner?

Every community rich and poor, has resources that flow through what we refer to as micro-economies. In the poorer communities, the problem is that the distribution and ultimate use of those resources are usually fragmented and therefore have very little economic impact within the community.

In these micro economies, millions of dollars change hands every day. By consolidating just a small portion of these resources and then redirecting them into job creating social enterprise , we can have a direct impact in stimulating economic growth in local communities across this country and around the world. When large groups come together to pool resources to solve social problems, this is known as crowdsourcing.

Our Strategic Partners Initiative is based on consolidating existing limited resources into micro economies, then utilizing those resources to create jobs and benefits directly in urban and rural communities.

Strategic Partners volunteer to make a direct monthly commitment of $25 or more per month to help create jobs. You can also choose to earn $25 or more per month through a variety of income generating programs. Either way, your commitment will go directly into local job creating initiatives as well as supporting new social enterprises directly in your local community. The benefits of consolidated participation include: The more strategic partners that participate, the more jobs can be created. By opening more employment opportunities in at risk communities you can have a direct impact on the reduction of crime and other less desirable consequences as a result of poverty, mass incarceration and mass unemployment. This is known as Participatory Value!

Strategic Partners have equipped themselves with the knowledge necessary to understand the critical role they must play in the development of social enterprise (SEs) in local communities.

Strategic Partners understand the core principal of creating economic opportunities in communities that have been left behind. By creating jobs and new opportunity for a large population of economically disadvantaged people, this creates a Trickle Up Effect that greatly benefits the economic health of the community.

Strategic Partner involvement on many levels is necessary for successful job creation and sustainability. Visiting and directing others to our website for more information, involvement in community meetings, serving on advisory boards and planning sessions, calling in or listening to our radio program (coming soon) are just a few ways to participate.

This all leads to job creation in urban and rural communities. Together, we have the economic strength as a consolidated force to create solutions and generate jobs!

Become a Strategic Partner today!